Latest Fund Price as of Friday, 22nd September, 2017

Fund Name Unit Price (RM) Valuation Date Changes  
PRUlink bond fund3.18098021/09/20170.000540
PRUlink dana aman2.38768021/09/20170.000420
PRUlink dana unggul3.63458021/09/20170.002820
PRUlink dana urus3.12584021/09/20170.001920
PRUlink dana urus II2.30639021/09/20170.001540
PRUlink dyna growth I fund*1.00852015/09/20170.001590
PRUlink dyna growth II fund*1.04103015/09/20170.004180
PRUlink dyna growth III fund*1.08251015/09/20170.006790
PRUlink dyna growth IV fund*1.13238015/09/20170.009620
PRUlink education bond fund1.31741021/09/20170.000240
PRUlink education equity fund1.58567021/09/20170.002370
PRUlink equity focus fund0.55807021/09/20170.002230
PRUlink equity fund4.31484021/09/20170.006450
PRUlink equity income fund0.57471021/09/20170.001490
PRUlink golden bond fund1.43348021/09/20170.000260
PRUlink golden bond fund 21.20779021/09/20170.000290
PRUlink golden equity fund1.71100021/09/20170.004430
PRUlink golden equity fund 21.26758021/09/20170.005800
PRUlink golden managed fund1.17314021/09/20170.000880
PRUlink managed fund3.48754021/09/20170.004000
PRUlink managed fund II2.19772021/09/20170.002790
PRUlink money market fund1.24274021/09/20170.000090
PRUlink strategic managed fund0.51011020/09/20170.000010
PRUlink asia equity fund1.51730020/09/20170.001010
PRUlink asia local bond fund1.97071020/09/20170.000080
PRUlink asia managed fund1.97678020/09/20170.001440
PRUlink Asian high yield bond fund0.56512020/09/20170.000000
PRUlink Asian multi-asset fund0.53278020/09/20170.000480
PRUlink asia property securities fund1.83451020/09/20170.000920
PRUlink dragon peacock fund1.86780020/09/20170.004670
PRUlink euro equity fund0.56982020/09/20170.000950
PRUlink global leaders fund0.57843020/09/20170.000520
PRUlink global market navigator fund1.98507020/09/20170.001480
PRUlink Japan dynamic fund0.54498020/09/20170.000350
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The pricing for PRUlink strategic managed fund and global funds are updated after two business days (example: Wednesday’s price is updated on Friday)
* Valuation of the unit price is conducted on a weekly basis

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