PRUessential wellness

Wealth means nothing without health!

A plan designed to take care of your health from the start.



The first step towards good health is to understand your health condition. Every 2 years you will receive a health screening voucher from us to help you keep track of your health status and take prompt action to improve it.


Unlike other medical plan that only pays you when an illness reaches its critical stage or when you are hospitalised, we will cover you even during the early stages of any of the Serious Illnesses. The more severe the illness, the more we will pay you.


As long as 100% of your selected sum assured for PRUessential wellness has not been fully paid, you can continue to claim from this benefit up to 4 different Serious Illnesses Benefit and 1 Special Benefit.


If the illness deteriorates further or you develop other Serious Illnesses, you can rest assured that we will pay the subsequent claims immediately since there is no waiting period in between claims.


This first-of-its kind cover for specified diabetic complications let you continue to seek treatment for diabetes without worrying about its impact on your retirement savings.


How It Works

PRUessential wellness is a regular premium rider that provides Health Screening Benefit, Serious Illness Benefit and Special Benefit. You can attach this optional benefit to enhance your PRUretirement reward plan.
  Plan A  Plan B Plan C Plan D
 Health Screening Benefit Health screening voucher
Total Sum Assured  RM50,000 RM100,000 RM150,000 RM200,000
Serious Illness Benefit:     
Low Severity 30% of sum assured
Medium Severity 60% of sum assured
High Severity  100% of sum assured
Special Benefit  RM5,000 RM10,000 RM15,000  RM20,000
Health Screening Benefit
A voucher worth RM500 will be given to you as early as the 2nd anniversary of this benefit for you to undergo health screening at our designated panel hospital. You will continue to receive this voucher once every 2 years from as long as PRUessential wellness is still in-force.
Serious Illness Benefit
Covering a comprehensive range of Serious Illnesses such as very early cancers and corneal transplant, this benefit let you seek the treatment that you need without impacting your financial goals. The illnesses are grouped in 11 different categories and are further divided into 3 different severity levels. The amount we pay to you is based on the severity of the illness and the impact on your lifestyle. With payout at the early stage, your chance for recovery will increase since you can seek treatment for the illness before it turns life-threatening,   
Special Benefit
With the advancement in medical technology, early treatment for heart/artery or specified diabetes related conditions can prevent your health from deteriorating further. An additional one-off lump sum will be paid to you upon diagnosis of specified heart/artery or specified diabetes related conditions as long as PRUessential wellness is still inforce. 


Who Can Apply

Anyone between the ages of 19 – 65 years on their next birthday and planning to purchase a PRUretirement reward plan can take up this benefit to enhance your protection benefit.


Please note that this is an insurance product that is tied to the performance of the underlying assets, and is not a pure investment product such as unit trusts.

Optional Benefits

There are no optional benefits available for this plan.

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